Moscato wine in cans? New ways to drink with Sgarzi Luigi Wineries

The wine of Sgarzi Luigi Wineries


A few kilometers from the center of Castel San Pietro Terme town in Italy is the headquarters of the Sgarzi Luigi Wineries. In 1933 Luigi Sgarzi Luigi Wineries cellarsSgarzi had a small cellar that supplied barrels and horses with the most famous taverns in Bologna. The son of Luigi, Vincenzo and then his nephew Stefano have continued and expanded the activities of Luigi Sgarzi and Stefano Sgarzi has chosen to focus on exports. Needless to say, Italian wine is much loved and esteemed abroad but Stefano’s merit was not to rely solely on this awareness. With his direction, the Cellars have started a distribution of the best Italian wines in the world, betting on innovative packaging as an alternative to glass bottles. Over time an export business has developed that has reached a sales network in more than 80 countries.

Sgarzi Luigi Wineries: tradition and innovation together

Going to Castel San Pietro Terme town for an organized tour of the cellars is undoubtedly a fascinating experience. Coming to the company headquarters, it immediately becomes evident how this family has combined in recent years the experience of the tradition of wine with innovation that looks to the future. Immersed in the vineyards, in fact, you can see the house where the Sgarzi lived since the first half of the twentieth century. And at its side, stands out the new modern production structure, with the vaulted roof covered with photovoltaic panels. The visitor tour is wide:
• expositive spaces,

  • underground areas for the barrique,
  • laboratory,
  • offices,
  • meeting room located on a turret overlooking the plain.

The wine in can of the Sgarzi Luigi Wineries

To the traditionalists and connoisseurs the idea of ​​drinking wine in cans may not like it. Italians are used to associate the habit of drinking wine at the table with the idea of ​​conviviality. The bottle is linked to a whole series of gestures, from uncorking it with the guests, to sharing it Sgarzi Luigi Wineries wine in cansby pouring it into the glasses. The “single-dose” can may therefore give us the impression of “removing” the whole cultural background from the consumption of wine, making it more affordable for those looking for “solitary” consumption. On the other hand, innovative packaging is designed in an intelligent way for a foreign public where a wine culture as Europeans understand it is difficult to export. The people we’re talking about have completely different habits from our own, even for what concerns drinking and eating alone or together.

The quality standards of Sgarzi Luigi Wineries

The company management has implemented the Quality and Environmental Management System to meet the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. In this way, all stages of production and transformation are monitored to meet the requirements of the IFS standards – Food and BRC – Food. The health and hygiene aspects of the production are therefore guaranteed. The company is constantly committed to respecting andy Valentino visiting Sgarzi Luigi Wineriesthe rules:

  • in the field of food hygiene,
  • in the field of occupational safety,
  • in terms of respect for the environment and prevention of pollution, also using energy from renewable sources and recyclable packaging.

One of the merits of the Sgarzi wineries is that of proposing itself on the wine market with a competitive offer, without ever renouncing quality. This is also due to the choice not to resort to the use of genetically modified organisms and to the improvement of the traceability system of the products at all stages of production.

Luigi Sgarzi Wineries: Your World Wide Wine Specialist

These cellars of Castel San Pietro Terme are proposed to customers with the slogan “Your World Wide Wine Specialist”.Sgarzi Luigi Wineries laboratories The staff is responsible for selecting and evaluating each supplier based on its ability to provide products and services that comply with the quality requirements sought. The chemical laboratories allow the Sgarzi, with their work, to qualify as wine specialists. All ingredients, instruments, wines and beverages are subjected to rigorous and documented checks by the company laboratory, before being included in the production and sales cycle. The accuracy of the analysis results of the internal laboratory is guaranteed by a constant comparison with internationally certified external laboratories.

The Sgarzi Luigi Wineries bring Italian wine to China

Sgarzi Luigi Wineries in ChinaThe participation of the Wineries at Prowine China 2018, which took place in Shanghai at the New International Expo Center, dates back to last month. This event is reconfirming over the years the ideal place for international producers to enter a booming market in China. In fact, even among the Chinese, there are more and more connoisseurs of wine and international food and wine products. The Sgarzi wineries could not miss with their stand to take the opportunity to make their products known to the Chinese audience passionate about Italian wine.


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