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Pupy, the children’s fashion brand created by Candy Valentino

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Fashion and food have long been considered the Italian excellence in the world. Italian tailoring has an unparalleled history and reputation, yet for most people in the country, buying an entirely Made in Italy garment now seems a luxury. Most of the big clothing brands have Made in Bangladesh, Made in China, Made in India and so on, on the label.

“Patience!” shoppers typically say, when they are in a store. But when it comes to spending for your child, who doesn’t look for the best even at a slightly higher cost? Who wouldn’t want to be sure about the origin and quality of the garment that their children wear on their delicate skin?

With Pupy brand, we want to start the production and sale of very simple clothing for children, enhanced by the drawings of cute and tender expressive characters. Boys and girls are painted in their sweetest and funniest expressions. Without any need for expensive embroidery and fine lace, we’d like to turn to the Italian tailors to make quality shirts, pajamas, rompers, bodysuits and accessories for children, by using hypoallergenic fabrics and materials.

To reduce the purchase costs of the garments as much as possible, Pupy was born as a brand sold exclusively online, thus avoiding the expenses related to the opening of shops and focusing on on-demand distribution, with a much better environmental impact.

Market analysis and motivation to purchase Pupy clothing

The children’s clothing sector is one of the few that has been less affected by the economic crisis in Italy. The reason is obvious: the children grow and change continuously in the first years of their life and they need an always renewed wardrobe.

Beyond the social class, anyone is in the need to buy clothes for children, not only moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandparents but also those who have to choose a birthday or Christmas present. The fact that new clothes are always useful for children is well known and with this type of purchase, you feel you’re “safe” because you perceive it as “useful”.

Few people, by now, still feel distrust of online shopping and if older people may not be able to use PCs or smartphones for this purpose, in most families there’s a younger member who cares about online purchasing, precisely because it’s quick and easy.

The captivating image of Pupy brand’s products is the first factor to motivate the purchase: the cartoons designed by Laura Mancini aka Candy Valentino, in fact, immediately conquer for their sweetness, friendliness, and simplicity. And if a parent feels pushed to spend a little more to ensure the best quality for their child, even those who have to make a gift think they can make a good impression by focusing on a new product, fashionable and entirely Made in Italy.

Potential of the project and possible evolution of Pupy company

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There are other cases of enormous success in launching a “character” similar to that of Pupy: just think of the Japanese Hello Kitty, with its essential features, which for over 40 years has established itself in the world market, expanding more and more. Pupy also has an additional quality, offering designs made by hand and not digitally, therefore more expressive in their irregularities.

From an initial collection that includes the essential products to dress the child from 0 to 7 years old, therefore, the project foresees, year after year, the addition of more clothing and accessories for school and for holidays (cases, backpacks, bags, beach towels, etc…) as well as new cartoons to diversify.

At the moment Pupy’s designs can be found on multi-brand marketplaces such as Pupy Hoplix and Pupy Spreadshirt.

To find out more, you can visit the official website of the brand and if you want to support the project for the creation of the Pupy brand products completely Made in Italy, you can contact us at

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