Italian food and fashion

Italian food and fashion

When you think about Italian food and fashion, you can imagine, at first, two realities that are in stark contrast to each other. If the fashion world is often considered the world of “appearing” and is represented by skinny wearers and models, who we could hardly associate with the idea of ​​gourmets, on the other hand, food and wine is instinctively linked to the moments in which to enjoy, to taste, to the satisfaction of the senses. Exclusive, therefore, for those who have no worries about the perfect body shape.

Candy Valentino promoting Italian food and fashion

As often happens, these superficial considerations do not entirely correspond to reality. In fact, behind the fashion sector, there’s so much hard and honest work, there are values ​​and contents and in Italy, in particular, there’s the maintenance of an ancient sartorial tradition that can be considered as an art. On the other hand, the world of food has long shown that it does not always focus on quantity and, especially when it comes to haute cuisine, quality and creativity are the essential keys in creating a dish or producing a good wine.

Fashion and food&wine are still the two Italian excellences in the world, even in a period of economic and social crisis reguarding Italy.

With Candy Valentino, I want to talk about these two excellences, which are in contact with each other much more often than imagined. I tell in my articles the places where fashion and food are produced, through travel itineraries in the Italian regions. Follow me even on social media, where my journeys are represented by the most significant images!

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