Venice, the most famous town in Veneto

What to see in Veneto? Here is an Italian region with a thousand surprises

the famous square of Padua in Veneto

Veneto is an Italian region rich in natural beauty and towns of art. The town of Venice is certainly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world but it isn’t the only point of interest that can amaze travelers. The Veneto region is incredibly varied and includes morphologically different territories and natural landscapes for all tastes. You can pass, for example, from the coastal area overlooking the Adriatic Sea, to the Alps in the northern part that includes the Dolomites, to Garda Lake. In addition to the landscapes, traveling through Veneto you can discover:

  • prestigious locations and hotels in which to stay and relax;
  • excellent restaurants and typical dishes and wines to taste;
  • traditional events dedicated to high-quality local crafts;
  • historical companies linked to the world of fashion.

I will guide you to discover this fascinating region, giving you some good tips.

Venice and Padua: two unmissable stops on your trip to Veneto

Venice and Padua are just two of the many towns full of art, architecture and history that can be visited in this Italian region. The first is famous worldwide. It’s characterized by the canals, and streams that cross it, where the classic gondoliers sail, and by the beautiful bridges that allow you to cross the waterways. Unmistakable, San Marco square is always crowded and dominated by the Basilica of the same name, the symbol of Venetian art and Christianity.

Padua, on the other hand, is particularly famous for the cult of Saint Anthony of Padua, to whom the magnificent Basilica is dedicated. This town is one of the main destinations of world religious tourism together with Assisi. Furthermore, the very particular and immense elliptical square called Prato Della Valle is another unmissable place during your trip to Veneto.

Venice, the first stop in Veneto: here is a boutique hotel to discover

Those who stop in Venice are often spoiled for choice among the various accommodation solutions available. Exess Venice Hotel is a boutique hotel characterized by luxurious contemporary design and 16 personalized rooms and suites. The detail that makes this hotel suitable for various uses is the authentic private Venetian garden outside the building, ideal to set up events and banquets. The hotel’s private SPA also allows you to enjoy moments of absolute relaxation and well-being.

There are many elements that confirm the refinement and elegance of this structure. The headboards of the beds found in the bedrooms, for example, portray ancient profiles of the buildings in Venice.

Luxury accommodation, good wine and made in Italy craftsmanship: the whole offer of Castello di Roncade

Roncade Castle in Veneto

If the Dolomites, Lake Garda and the towns of Venice and Padua are well known and popular, the Venetian municipality of Roncade, in the province of Treviso, is much less touristy. However, it’s worth a visit and a stop thanks to the presence of Roncade Castle, one of the historical buildings to be seen in Veneto. Built in 1508, it is one of the rare pre-Palladian villas surrounded by medieval walls. This majestic Renaissance complex was taken over and renovated by the Ciani Bassetti family in the early twentieth century. Thanks to them, also the replanting of the surrounding vineyards took place and they produce excellent wines that are protagonists of many tasting itineraries. The property has 110 hectares of vineyards, the original barrel for the aging of the finest wines, and a modern cellar for winemaking in Mogliano Veneto.

Roncade Castle is a luxurious solution for accommodation in Veneto. It includes elegant suites and apartments inside the towers. The location is also suitable for conferences, banquets, and weddings. But for those who are just passing through, there’s the chance to take advantage of a guided tour of the villa, the private chapel and the cellar.

Veneto wines you can taste at Castello di Roncade

wine cellars in Veneto

Some examples of the wines produced by the Roncade Castle, which can be tasted and purchased on-site, are:

  • the Villa Giustinian Rosso I.G.T. Veneto, considered the prince of wines produced by the Castle vineyards. It’s a classic Bordeaux blend, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes, aged for a minimum of 24 months in French oak barrels;
  • Rosso Dell’Arnasa Merlot DOC Piave which is aged for 36 months in oak barrels of 18 hl and further refinement in the bottle for a few months;
  • Raboso Dell’Arnasa Raboso DOC Piave, dry and benevolent, aromatic, with floral and tropical fruit nuances;
  • Manzoni Bianco IGT Veneto, the result of a grape variety dating back to the early twentieth century, created from a cross between Riesling Renano and Pinot Bianco. Aging 6 months in French oak tonneau.

Autumn in the Castle: on 12 and 13 October 2019 the event of Venetian craftsmanship

For fans of quality craftsmanship, it is still at Castello di Roncade that one of the most interesting events in the sector takes place every year since 2004. “Autumn in the Castle” is an event dedicated to crafts, taste and the garden, which took place on the weekend of Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October 2019. The 70 exhibitors involved occupy the 1500 covered square meters of the dwelling and include many made in Italy producers. The fair offers:

  • high quality made in Italy interior furnishings;
  • clothing;
  • jewelery;
  • artwork;
  • Italian gastronomy.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Roncade LAB company – Literally Addicted to Bricks, children are also involved in the making of creative jobs.

This year the Ciani Bassetti family supported, during the event, the Vincentian Volunteer Group Association – AIC Italy. This group of friends has been making unique products for years whose proceeds are used to help people in difficulty who turn to San Vincenzo for food, home, and work.

Fashion in Veneto: here is the story of Luxottica

The Luxottica brand was founded in 1961 by Leonardo Del Vecchio in Agordo, a small town in the foothills of the Dolomites, in the province of Belluno. The name comes from the union of lux – “light” and ottica – “optics” with the clear intention of dedicating itself to the production of excellent quality sunglasses and eyeglasses, entirely made in Italy.

At the start of the business, the company produced components and accessories only for other brands in the optical sector. Luxottica Group has become a leader in the design, production, and distribution of high-end, luxury and sports eyewear. Some of the well-known brands for which the company produces glasses are:

Luxottica brand in Veneto
  • Rayban,
  • Oakley,
  • Vogue Eyewear,
  • Persol,
  • Giorgio Armani,
  • Burberry,
  • Bulgari,
  • Chanel,
  • Dolce & Gabbana,
  • Ferrari,
  • Michael Kors,
  • Prada,
  • Ralph Lauren,
  • Tiffany & Co.,
  • Valentino,
  • Versace.

The glasses are designed and manufactured in factories in Italy, China, Brazil, United States, Japan, and India.

In 1967 the company launched the Group’s original eyewear line. This reflects all the sense of tradition, craftsmanship and Luxottica’s experience.

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