Glamouretto heel protectors

Do heel protectors work? Find out made in Italy “Glamouretto” by Veronica Tasciotti

Veronica Tasciotti is the Italian creator and producer of the heel protectors Glamouretto, an innovative accessory that is already “saving” the stiletto heels of many elegant women’s shoes. This object with a captivating name, which is inspired by the stiletto and the idea of glamor, is a heart-shaped heel protector for stiletto heels. It’s produced in silicone and plastic and thanks to its shape and its elastic material it adapts perfectly to different sizes of stiletto. In the image below you can easily understand how this “adaptability” of the Glamouretto heel protectors work: some notches in the central hole allow application on heels of different sizes.

What are heel protectors and how do they work?

If you’re going to buy very beautiful and expensive shoes, first you should think about how to protect them and make yourself a question: do heels sink in turf? Yes, they do. The Glamouretto heel protector, starting from its launch on the Italian market, is having a lot of success among girls and ladies. How many times has it happened to you to go to a party in elegant dress and high-heeled shoes and find yourself ruining them, maybe to cross an entrance path strewn with gravel or a lawn? “How do I stop my heels from ruining?” was your question every time. The classic drawback of garden parties in elegant outfits is that stilettos sink into the ground and get stained. Sometimes it also happens that the lining fabric of the heel, due to rubbing with earth or stones, detaches from the structure and lifts.

Glamoretto is not only a smart accessory for saving shoes but also a tool for walking better on heels. If you have to walk on uneven floors such as cobblestones and dirt roads, the support of the heel of the shoes with the Glamoretto will be more stable and comfortable.

Veronica Tasciotti: why I invented Glamoretto

Glamouretto heel protectors

The Glamouretto was born from the personal need of the creator Veronica Tasciotti to protect the most precious and cherished shoes. So it was conceived, designed, and created as a refined and discreet detail, which can add a unique style to the look of the footwear. Veronica thought of an essential shape combined with transparency, for this made in Italy heel protector, and alternatively proposed a version embellished with light silver glitter. It’s the ideal accessory for:

• walk casually on grassy surfaces and uneven or very smooth floors that generally ruin or jeopardize the stability of the heels;

• face a formal event or a long ceremony, even outdoors, feeling more comfortable without sacrificing elegance.

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