the best places to visit in Rome

Places to visit in Rome: find out city tour on vintage cars

You want to visit Rome, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy and in the world but you don’t have much time to do that? Of course, you’ve already noticed on the net some itineraries guiding you to the best places to visit in Rome in 3 days or a little more. In reality, the Eternal City is very big and rich in history and even to see only the historic center and the most beautiful places in town, the ideal would be to stop at least a week. During a tour of Rome, you can’t miss some world-famous monuments such as:

The Colosseum,

• Saint Peter,

• the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel,

• Trevi Fountain,

• Piazza Navona,

• Piazza di Spagna.

But who wouldn’t want some time also to taste some local specialties such as pasta ice cream, pizza or Roman pinsa? A food tour of Rome is a good chance to experience many places as citizens do.

How to get to the best places to visit in Rome: buses, subways, taxis and cars for rent

In Rome, there are many places to visit and public transport is unfortunately not the fastest and most reliable solution. In the streets, in fact, there’s always a lot of traffic and bus routes are not always ideal to respect the routes of greatest interest. This is the reason why many tourists choose to buy a ticket for their city tour of Rome on a tourist bus together with other passengers. The bus tours of Rome can be a solution for those who don’t want to get tired of walking for hours and want to see the largest number of places, even if they won’t stop there for a long time.

Those who want to know how to move inside Rome to make the most of the days available often choose to get a private means of transport. Renting a car in Rome allows you to customize your itinerary, with the only drawback of where to drive and have some difficulty taking photos along the way. Finally, taxis are quite expensive and at some times of the day, it can be difficult to find one available.

The tour of Rome on vintage cars

places to visit in Rome by car

If you are fascinated by vintage cars and think about renting a car in Rome for your trip, there’s a very romantic and comfortable alternative solution.

A Roman enthusiast of vintage Mini, named Luca, has in fact started the Mini Tour Rome for some time. It’s much more than a car rental for tourists but an exciting experience that offers the chance to deepen your knowledge of the city. This exceptional driver, in fact, an excellent connoisseur of the town, speaks with his guests during customized itineraries and shares with them memories and anecdotes about the places visited. There are four tours offered in English, French, and German:

• Ancient Rome, which passes through the Colosseum,

• Paparazzi, focused on those streets that are famous thanks to movies,

• Aperitif Tour, for food and wine lovers, which includes several stops to taste Roman specialties,

• Secret Tour, all to be discovered.

License holders who are passionate about vintage cars can also drive the Mini, hosting the tour leader in the car.

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