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Tour in Umbria: interesting places and locations for a luxury stay

Luxury castle for your tour in Umbria

There are many possible itineraries for a tour in Umbria by motorbike or by car. Whether you opt for a wine tour, a landscape or archaeological and cultural itinerary, you are spoiled for choice on what to see. There are many famous towns of art and it is certainly worth visiting the famous Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto, and Città di Castello. For those who have more time and think of a 5-day tour, I also suggest a visit to Bevagna, a town of surprising beauty, characterized by the Romanesque churches, the medieval village, and the Roman remains.

In the surroundings of Assisi, there is the chance to discover some private castles, renovated and used as 4-star hotels. These resorts with excellent restaurants, in addition to offering stays of total well-being, are ideal for organizing elegant parties and weddings. And why not, given that 2019 is coming to an end, also to spend the New Year in Umbria.

What to visit in Umbria: a tour of the region’s castles

If you want to treat yourself to a luxury stay or feel like princes and princesses on the day of your “yes”, here are some hotels, resorts and castles to visit and where to stay during the tour in Umbria:

  • Tenuta di San Masseo, immersed in a 20,000 m2 park – with vineyard, swimming pool, lounge spaces, chic barbeque area – and characterized by the magical scenery of the city of Assisi. This family-run boutique hotel with only 9 rooms includes a private SPA and welcomes guests in an atmosphere of home and friendliness. Masseo Vista Cube is the glass tensile structure that offers a privileged view for dream events;
  • Petrata Castle;
  • Castle of Gallano;
  • Ramazzano Castle.

For those interested in a food and wine tour of Umbria, at these facilities, it will be possible to participate in tastings and fun activities related to typical local products.

Petrata Castle

View of Gallano during my tour in Umbria
Gallano Castle

Petrata Castle is located inside an ancient fortress completely restored, dating back to the 14th century. The building wasn’t born as a fortress and only later was used as a residence where some noble families of Assisi took refuge. The peculiarity lies precisely in the conformation which does not, therefore, reflect that typical of castles.

The luxurious structure is tastefully decorated inside, with a Spa and surrounded by breathtaking nature. The gardens located outside the building are well-kept, full of flowers and particular plants such as strawberry trees. Romantic leachates and small squares allow you to spend relaxing moments and set up buffets. Among the fun activities offered to guests is the hunting of truffles that can be found among oaks, holm oaks and olive trees grown on the vast grounds of the property. So Petrata Castle is also a farm and has a Cinta Senese pig farm.

Gallano Castle

The medieval village of Castello di Gallano is worth a visit and a stop during a tour of Umbria. It’s possible to stay in one of the 31 apartments that are inside the private village and organize an event or reception, also taking advantage of the suggestive squares nestled within the ancient walls.

Among the activities organized by the managers of the Gallano Resort restaurant are the cooking classes that allow guests to learn how to make some typical Umbrian products. An example: the preparation of the durum wheat semolina pasta to make potato gnocchi.

Ramazzano Castle

The 12th century Ramazzano Castle, restored several times, is made up of various frescoed salons and rooms on the upper floors. This location preserves a precious wall development, Guelph crenellated with a square tower and an internal courtyard. The Ramazzano restaurant boasts authentic home cooking that comes from the mixture of local and southern traditions of the peninsula. The dishes on the menu are accompanied by wines from the Aliani cellar.

The management of the relais and restaurant allows guests to choose from various activities. Among these, there is the lesson on chocolate, at the end of which you can make and taste one of the most famous desserts in the territory of Perugia, the chocolate called Bacio.

Food, wine, and typical products: the excellence of Umbria on the table

Vineyards to visit during a tour in Umbria

Umbria is a region of excellence also for what concerns food and wine. For a food&wine tour of the region, I recommend two interesting stops. On the remains of the first-century theater of Bevagna town, Unesco site, there is the Redibis Restaurant. Thanks to the recovery works of the Antonini family, the current dining room now is in the old access lane to the stage.

Always near Bevagna, in the province of Perugia, there is a good winery to visit. Cantine Briziarelli cellars https://www.cantinebriziarelli.it/en/ produce the famous Sagrantino di Montefalco wine, among others. The tasting room, with its panoramic view of the vineyards, is also used as a location for weddings, following a trend of recent years. During your tour of Umbria, a visit to the Cantine Briziarelli’s vineyards will allow you to know the secrets of the cultivation of Sagrantino, the most tannic wine in the world, which represents the region. Particular attention must be paid to the maturation of the tannin of this nectar and the collection within the Briziarelli vineyards is done by hand.

Umbria, a land of fashion and fine craftsmanship

Italian fashion companies to find out during your tour in Umbria

Castles, ancient towns, food, and wine aren’t enough for you? The Umbrian region also has a lot to offer in the fashion sector. Speaking of Made in Italy excellence, a tour in Umbria can also include stages related to fashion.

Sofia Rocchetti, born in Città di Castello, lives and works in Perugia where she produces jewelry, bags, accessories, and clothing. All her works are unique pieces of highly prized craftsmanship, authentic fashion masterpieces. With the new collection of aprons “La Cucina Alchemica” in particular, she has been able to reinvent a simple work item in a fashion key.

In the town of Bevagna, instead, there’s an ancient artisan tradition connected with cashmere. Bevagna historically produced fabrics, silk, and embroidery and it seems that the textile fibers of the area were particularly valuable because of the purity of its waters. Tasselli Cashmere, precious knitwear, is appreciated worldwide for the excellence of the wool and the quality of the workmanship. A guided tour within the company can be a truly fascinating experience that allows you to see all the stages of the processing of this fine wool. Tasselli Cashmere also offers an interesting “tailor traveling” service thanks to which an operator of the company goes home to take measurements and orders to make bespoke garments.

Candy Valentino

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