Italian wine in the world

Italian wine in the world: the Dop Tuscan red wines are the leader in exports

Italian wine in the world

Budget time for the Chianti Wine Consortium, which held a conference in Rome on 17 June 2019 to illustrate the news concerning Italian wine’sales in the world. As illustrated with the study carried out by Wine Monitor Nomisma and presented by Giovanni Busi – President of the Chianti Wine Consortium – from 2013 to 2019 there was a 33% growth in exports of Tuscan Dop wines. The reds are currently leaders in exports, and in China, the best performance is recorded in a periodo of time of five years.

Chianti: the symbol of Italian wine in the world

Candy Valentino at the conference about Italian wine in the world

Chianti wine is one of the first symbols of Made in Italy. The natural beauty, history and flavors of Tuscany, the most famous Italian region in the world, are reflected in this nectar. In its large production area, there have been the same vines have for centuries. Among these vines, Sangiovese was the first of all. The work of the Chianti Wine Consortium and its partners ensures maximum transparency of the production and market of Chianti Docg, produced in the provinces of Arezzo, Florence, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato, and Siena.

Promoting Italian wine, the goal of the Consortium

Dop Tuscan wines have considerable importance on the international market and the results of the studies carried out by the Nomisma Wine Monitor are an additional incentive to further promote these products abroad. Taking note of the trends of recent years, the goal of the Chianti Wine Consortium is to create a strategy to enhance Italian wine, especially in countries with great potential like China.

Chianti Academy: here is how to become an expert in Chianti Docg wine

vines of the Italian wine in the world

The most interesting initiative regarding strategic projects designed for the main international markets is the creation of the Chianti Academy. The Chianti Wine Consortium has initiated training courses aimed at increasing the skills of professionals in the wine sector. One of the goals of the training courses will be to strengthen the awareness of the high quality of Italian products. Training courses for greater professionalism in wine, therefore. The Academy has already been started in China and Latin America. Among the topic that will be illustrated there’ll be:

  • the history and culture linked to wines’ denomination;
  • the operation of the production chain;
  • product protection policies;
  • the ideal combinations with food;
  • wine marketing strategies.

Chianti wine tastings: the best way to introduce Italian wine to the world

Italian wine in the world

Chianti is considered by many to be “the Italian wine” abroad. During the courses held by the Chianti Academy, there will be specific guided tastings of the 30 different labels of the Consortium. These will represent all types of existing Chianti wines. At the end of the courses, the certificate of Chianti Wine Expert will be issued.

At the end of the press conference held in Rome, a toast could not be missed with journalists, who were able to taste 5 wines presented by the Chianti Consortium for the occasion.

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