Latin American Fashion show

Latin American Fashion show: in Rome, we found out South American fashion trends

Latin American Fashion show
Ph. Barbara Gutierrez

Have you ever been to South America for a trip? If you’re thinking to buy some souvenirs, you can’t help being impressed by the local craftsmanship. Clothes, belts, bags, sumptuous hats and accessories produced in countries such as Peru, Brazil or Argentina are strongly linked to the culture and tradition of these places. The richness of colors inevitably srikes travelers from America and Europe.

However, even in South America, high-level tailoring has developed over the years, contaminated by Western models and presented and exported to Eastern stores and catwalks.

The Latin American Fashion show held in Rome this summer during the beginning of Altaroma – a week dedicated to haute couture increasingly followed in the Italian Capital – gave the opportunity to the experts of the sector, to the press and to the fashion addicts, to discover some talented stylists from South America, through a selection of their creations.

3rd and 4th July 2019: here is the program of the Latin Amercian Fashion show

One of the bags of Latin American Fashion show

The show was sponsored by CNA Federmoda and several embassies of the countries involved. The project manager was Elsy Aparicio, authentic ambassador of South American fashion in Italy, together with Barbara Gutierrez. Thanks to the careful work of starting up institutional relations, Elsy Aparicio was able to bring out the most talented professionals of their continent.

The exceptional location that hosted the fashion show is Palazzo Ferrajoli, a prestigious historic residence in Rome located in Piazza Colonna. This was embellished by the scenographic set-up consisting of floral papier-mâché decorations made by Floredecor Sepa. On the first day, the collections, we’ve seen of the stylists from:

  • Brazil,
  • Cuba,
  • Ecuador,
  • Mexico.

In addition, on 4th July, other designers from various countries joined the showroom open to buyers and press. A photo shoot was held in the major points of interest in Rome and there was a Fashion Tour for designers at Palazzo Fendi and in the historic center of the Capital.

Latin American Fashion show: the designers of the first edition

One dress of Latin American Fashion show
Ph- Giacomo Prestigiacomo

The show held on July 3rd at Plazzo Ferrajoli lasted more than an hour and was able to capture the attention of spectators. We were struck by the riot of colors, the elegance of sartorial creations and a femininity different from the one we are used to seeing on the catwalk of haute couture. Here are some of the names of the participants:

  • Manuel Rodriguez, couturier who created clothes for stars of the Mexican entertainment world and stylized stylist Sara Garcia Meza with her Tirza line, inspired by painters’ canvases, participated to represent Mexico;
  • the designer Gabriela Guasgua presented the creativity of her GiBAG line – Handbags and Accessories from Ecuador. A clever combination of mixed fabrics and materials, elaborated by the artisans of the city of Otavalo;
  • Napoleao Cesar from Brazil, with his new collection focused on fluorescent colors;
  • Cuban designers Yosmany Larrea, Jacqueline Fumero and Ismael De la Caridad took part to the show from the Caribbean.

How South American fashion was born

The overseas creatives are undoubtedly characterized by a cultural background different from ours, which also emerges in the garments proposed in this show. In these countries, the vast culture is cultivated with a different ethical and philosophical approach. Fashion is born from the joy of living, from respect for nature, although industry professionals know how to combine this spirit with great professionalism.

The merit of Elsy Aparicio and CNA Federmoda was undoubtedly that of creating over time a series of opportunities for dialogue and cultural exchange between South America and the Western countries, leading to the preparation of events like this.

The next events with Latin American Fashion show

In September 2019, the project will be presented at the Milan Fashion Week during the International Fashion Showroom Art – ISFA19. The requests for membership for the next events with the Latin American Fashion circuit come continuously from numerous designers. The work of international scouting is going on, while the Textile Conglomerate of Bolivia (COTEXBO) is organizing the First Fashion Design Competition “Marca Llama”.

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