Fashion and jazz music together in “Jazz in Bag”

Fashion and jazz meet in a new cd

We’ve already written about the bond between the world of fashion and that of music by telling the story of some international celebrities and by analyzing their “look”. We  wouldn’t have imagined, however, that a collection of handbags could provide the inspiration for composing a jazz music album.

The Italian brand of fashion accessories AngelinA Roma was seduced by the idea of ​​a partnership and decided to give with each bag in its collection a copy of “Jazz in Bag” cd for free. The cd was composed by the author and pianist Andrea Pagani: we’ve already had the chance to talk with him about the “Viaggio sul filo” show and the album “Petit (e) Suite pour Philippe”.

Andrea, how did a collection of bags inspire you to compose the songs? What situations did you imagine? The disc is a compilation of songs inspired by the eye-catching and elegant colored python handbags. The idea developed by trying to give a soundtrack to something creative, in fact I wanted to attend craftsmanship of the creations of the brand AngelinA Roma to get more into the spirit of the brand. To kick off this encounter between fashion and music was definitely a common taste that I and Stefania Barbesi found to have: a bit “retro”, the 50s. In “Jazz in Bag” I was inspired by the atmospheres of black and white films, of a luxurious and elegant world.

How did the meeting with Stefania take place? Our collaboration began with the “Viaggio sul filo” show (she was press officer of the show) and we noticed that we had in common the same love for elegance, which we encompass in different ways in our work.

Describe in a few words “Jazz in Bag”. It’s an album that suggests a lifestyle, in the choice of an accessory like in listening to muAndrea Pagani: Fashion and jazz music together in "Jazz in Bag"sic.

AngelinA Roma is a brand of fashion accessories designed by Stefania Barbesi. The image that is proposed is the one of a strong but sensitive woman, chic and modern. Stefania is inspired by the refined geometries of the French deco art of the twentieth century and by the eclectic spirit of the 70s. Its collections boast exclusively Italian design and manufacturing.

Stefania, what are the features of your latest collection of “Jazz in Bag”? The main feature is the captivating logo that resumes in the two triangles the two “a” initial and final of the AngelinA name (a tribute to my mother) and encloses them in a circle with some esoteric, magical recalls. The golden color symbolizes the sun, the splendor, the joy and the nobility. This logo is in every accessory, delivering a positive message. The “Jazz in Bag” collection focuses on colored clutch handbags, hand-sewn and made in Florence, where a part of my family lives and where I have a workshop (the jewellery workshop is in Rome).

Which materials did you choose? I have chosen to use python skin, an exotic leather that has always been used in the fashion world and for this reason is a “classic” and, on the other hand, also responds to an ethical need because python loses its skin naturally.

Who is a styStefania Barbesi: Fashion and jazz music together in "Jazz in Bag"list that you consider a point of reference since you started your business in the fashion industry? I love Italian designers with a strong taste like Versace or Cavalli: specific brands that enhance femininity.

Andrea took inspiration from fashion; how do you differentiate your creations each time? What is your “muse”? Certainly, I’m inspired by music but I’ve always cultivated my passion for fashion and aesthetics: although I started my “adventure” with AngelinA recently, I worked in Milan for several years as a model and I could bring in my work a great bag of experience in the fashion industry. For “Jazz in bag” I reconsidered in particular the early twentieth century and the nightclub atmosphere.

The album “Jazz in Bag”  is played by the trio of the pianist Andrea Pagani – formed together with Daniele Basirico (bass) and Massimiliano De Lucia (drums) – with the participation of Michael Rosen (sax) and Francesco Lento (trumpet). The printed disc contains, in addition to 5 unpublished tracks, 5 bonus tracks from Pagani’s previous works. In the songs titles the references to the “inspirational muse” are evident: the album begins with the hustle of “Angelina Blues”; the sophisticated samba of “Cristal”, instead, delivers into more relaxed and seductive atmospheres; after “Dressin ‘for Swingin'”, we can still feel the cheerful taste of Brazil in”Lullaby for the Sea”. “Black and Gold” closes the cd with its mischievous and elegant swing.


Candy Valentino

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