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Wedding in Rome: the best location for the newlyweds in 2021

The Eternal City is rich in art, beauty, and breathtaking landscapes and is a popular destination for many married couples who want to plan their wedding in a dream location. Among the wedding locations in Rome, Casina Valadier boasts an undisputed primacy for its privileged position at Pincio garden, for the elegance of the interior rooms of great historical value, and for the culinary proposals of the excellent restaurant.

Last month the future spouses had the chance to learn about the potential of this place during the Autumn Festival event. A wedding day that showed the news for a luxury 2021 wedding through fashion shows, guided tours, and tastings. I was there for you!

Autumn Festival to discover one of the most beautiful places for your wedding in Rome

The festival dedicated to the big day hosted the best sellers in the area for:

  • wedding, groom and ceremony dresses;
  • professional photographers and video makers, to immortalize the yes day;
  • flower designers specialized in weddings;
  • string ensembles or vocalists for musical entertainment.

The restaurant of La Casina Valadier, on the other hand, offered us a buffet of appetizers, fried foods, and first courses as well as desserts for all tastes, for a wedding banquet menu of the highest level. In the gardens surrounding the structure, food and wine stands and various cooking shows have been set up for the occasion.

A personal wedding planner, for a perfect ceremony in every detail

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Casina Valadier has been an iconic and exclusive place in Rome for over 130 years to celebrate your wedding. A historic building of neoclassical architecture built in the early 1800s by Giuseppe Valadierche which is located on the highest point of the Pincio in Villa Borghese and offers a unique view of Rome. The choice of the best wedding locations in Rome, however, doesn’t ensure the success of the ceremony for future spouses. This is why Casina Valadier makes the direction and coordination of the wedding planner Sakira Giovannini available to customers. Sakira during the Autumn Festival day was available to offer personalized advice to the engaged couples.

The preparation of your wedding in Rome

a parfect wedding in Rome

During the presentation day, each floor of the building was set up differently:

  • on the Terraces Floor, a boho-glam style has been recreated combined with the chilliest sunrise palette in the center of which scenographic confetti stood out;
  • in the Salone degli Specchi lounge area, an anemone bouquet palette included the military olive, blue depths, almond oil sheet, and gold shades. A luxurious style reigned on the tables, extremely refined and elegant in detail;
  • a more informal modern style was represented on the Executive Floor, with a DJ station for a younger and more contemporary wedding;
  • the Sala Romana room’s decoration was inspired by the search for a classic effect in the mixed tones of blue and sandstone.

These are just a few ideas for understanding the infinite possibilities that this location offers, to create the atmosphere you prefer, counting on the attention to every detail.

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