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Modern, high-quality, fine-scented SAINT candles have arrived in Italy

If decorative custom candles already existed, elegant votive candles such as these, personalized according to prayer intentions and the entrusted Saint, are a novelty in Rome. SAINT, a growing American brand with over 650 points of sale across the USA, is proposing its specialty candles to an international audience at the newly opened Caput Mundi shopping mall. In this article, I will tell you the story of this brand I recently met by chance, and it struck me a lot.

Modern, votive SAINT candles

Who among us, when he needs to believe intensely in something, when he strongly desires that a dream comes true, that an event can go in the best possible way, doesn’t try to concentrate on a thought, an image, an object, a person that inspires positive energy? Some lean on the grace of God, the Saints, and other spiritual figures. Others gain inspiration from an amulet, good luck charm, or the habit of performing a personalized ritual before an event that is important to them. SAINT custom candles can satisfy all of these. They are also beautiful and elegant objects to decorate and perfume a home. Simply lighting them can be a gesture of symbolic value.

SAINT Candles new shop in Rome

When a friend was passing through a difficult moment, Ira DeWitt created a blessed, custom candle to entrust her prayers and hopes since otherwise she could find nothing like it on the market. With the success of this first candle, the SAINT brand was born, and a collection of hand-poured, top-quality votive candles with an elegant appearance and attention to detail became available on the USA marketplace. Following the brand’s growing success, SAINT has opened its first store outside the USA territory, at the Caput Mundi Mall, a new shopping center in Rome near Vatican City. The candles have a Made in Italy touch, both in manufacturing each Saint’s unique “prayer coin” buried at the bottom of each candle as a keepsake of the experience and some components of the bijoux line.

When prayers turn into concrete actions

Ira DeWitt’s first candle was linked to a prayer to St. Jude – the Saint of Impossible Causes. Ever since, the SAINT brand has donated 10% of every sale of its products to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This leading hospital is a specialty research hospital for children, not a general children’s hospital, focused on providing exceptional care to patients with pediatric cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

Votive candles, perfumes, body creams, clothing, and jewelry

In this new candle shop in Rome I discovered many other refined objects, such as saint-inspired bijoux partly made in Italy, their relaxed clothing line, and fine handmade jewelry. Their fragrance & body lines are currently under testing for EU certification and are expected to be available at the store soon.

Candle characteristics

A priest and a rabbi bless all SAINT candles with holy intentions. Included in every SAINT candle is:

  • 100% organic, high-quality food-grade wax (soy and coco blend) that burns cleanly, is toxin-free, and fused with 12% oil-based perfume for about 65 lit hours;
  • a prayer devoted to the candle’s patron Saint;
  • associated with a specific aspect of human life;
  • holy oil;
  • consecrated at the Padre Pio center in the USA:,
  • a keepsake “prayer coin” incorporated inside the candle, minted in Loreto;
  • candle-lid;
  • Gift Box.

The new adventure of the US company in Italy plans to continuously increase the components made in our country to achieve the goal of entirely made in Italy products. I will keep you updated on developments!

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