Sunmay Halo Ion Eye Massager

Sunmay Halo Ion Eye Massager for Dark Circles, Eye Bags, and Wrinkles

Sunmay Halo Ion Eye Massager

Sunmay Halo Ion Eye Massager is an innovative object created by the Chinese company Sunmay. If in the West some still consider “made in China” as a synonym of low-quality product, in this case, they will have to change their mind. Sunmay is a professional beauty brand for skin care, working online for over 10 years. Are bags, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes your main problem? It’s worth getting this specific tool for daily beauty care of the eye contour. Sunmay Halo ™ is, in fact, a small and practical electronic massager specifically designed for the care of the delicate area around the eyes. It has a pretty design, a comfortable base and you can also choose the color, using my discount code CANDY to buy it.

Thanks to Sunmay Halo Ion Eye Massager you no longer need to “tap”

Sunmay Hal Ion Eye Massager

How many times have you read the instructions for using the eye cream, to apply it from the nose to the outside, tapping? Not everyone has the right manual skills to perform these movements. The tool created by Sunmay helps to stimulate circulation thanks to the slight vibration it produces. But massage is not its only function! You can choose:

  • the yellow light heat treatment. The tip gradually warms up and the temperature can reach 42 degrees. In this way, the regeneration of collagen and cellular activity is stimulated, preventing  wrinkles and bags;
  • the blue light vibration treatment. Use a frequency of 7000 sounds per minute to relax and calm the skin. These help reducing melanin and tension;
  • the combined treatment with yellow light and blue light helps to completely relax the eyes and reduce fatigue.

The causes of dark circles, bags under the eyes and fine lines

There are many factors that affect the look and health of the skin around the eyes:

  • hereditary problems,
  • insomnia,
  • stress caused by long hours of computer work,
  • irregular diet,
  • aging.

The first symptoms are loss of skin elasticity, dryness, and hyperpigmentation. Some suffer from a thickening of the skin, others, on the contrary, a thinning. Leading a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the main sources of stress are, of course, the first steps to reduce the problem of bags and dark circles. The use of a specific eye contour cream together with Sunmay Halo ™ are important daily gestures to take care of yourself.

How to best use the Sunmay Halo Ion Eye Massager

Sunmay Halo Ion Eye Massager

I had the chance to use this fantastic object and I want to give you some advice. If you choose the treatment that uses heat and yellow light, called Hairby mode, the pores will open, allowing the cream to penetrate better. Although the temperature can reach 42 degrees, there is no excessive heat. After using the heat mode without interruption for about 3 minutes, the yellow light will automatically turn off to avoid scalding the skin. The important thing is to keep your eyes closed during all treatments to avoid discomfort.

The eye contour massager has a “silver band” on the handle and you can simply hold the fingers over it to activate the vibration.

The head of the device is actually wide enough to be used also on the forehead, at the corners of the nose and for the lip contour.

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