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What happened to American fashion? Pineapple Clothing store brings back Made in USA clothing online

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Pineapple Clothing store is an American company born in Miami that sells clothing made in the USA through e-commerce. Shopping US made clothing lately isn’t that easy. Strolling through the main streets of big American towns, you’ll probably find two types of offer: expensive high-fashion imported clothes and low-cost items made in China. American clothing brands have remained few and expensive in most cases. Many American brands actually sell clothes produced in China or other countries.

Online purchases became much easier and by now users are more confident to do so, e-commerce is growing worldwide. Pineapple Clothing wants to revive the Made in USA product by exploiting this channel.

The philosophy of Pineapple Clothing store

The brand’s philosophy is to celebrate women of all ages, shapes, and sizes from the sweetest girl to the most daring woman who loves style. The mission of this company is dressing women, girls and boys with beautiful and quality clothes. There is also some men’s clothing and the store ranges from:

  • day and work clothing,
  • suit/outfit,
  • sportswear,
  • elegant dresses.

The catalog is constantly updated and changes according to the season. The “mission” of this American fashion brand is to offer maximum comfort in each item, so that who wears it appears and feels at ease on every occasion.

The unique prints of Pineapple Clothing store

made in USA Pineapple Clothing

Whether it’s a night out or a family meeting, a day of work or a vacation, a party or a workout in the gym, the purpose of this company is to give every girl and woman the chance to stand out from the crowd. The distinguishing feature of this brand is its prints. In fact, in the online store, you can choose whether:

  • browsing the catalog based on collections and categories,
  • browsing the grouped offer based on the prints you prefer.

The essence of the brand is feminine and chic and is reflected in the unique prints and bold designs that make the woman original, refined and luxurious, helping to make her feel confident.

Pineapple clothing store and the fashion of mother-daughter matchy coordinates

mother-daughter matchy coordinates by Pineapple Clothing

If you have children, you’ve probably been influenced by the fashion of buying the same mother-daughter clothes. On this web store, you can pick and choose between a series of mother-daughter outfits in different styles, from casual to elegant. You can, for example, start from the choice of your favorite print, floral or geometric and then select the items that are right for you.

Among the combined clothes for mother and daughter, there are not only the classic little dresses but also sports suits with tops and leggings. And when the summer season comes, don’t miss the mother-daughter matchy coordinates for the sea like the pretty and colorful shorts by Pineapple Clothing.

Here are the companies that still produce American fashion in Miami like Pineapple Clothing

Miami has emerged in recent years as a new fashion capital. Perhaps it is no coincidence that this is the most Latin city in the United States, considering that Italian fashion is still the most famous in the world. Miami, thanks to its strategic location, is a crossroads for buyers and consumers of South and Central America. The competitive prices of the last years have also contributed to the success of this town in the American fashion sector. The low value of the dollar and the practiced retail price, very aggressive compared to that of the South American markets, have fueled a growth that is “changing skin” in a fashion hub for design, style, and production.

Art Basel Miami has brought American and international brands to Florida

Following the success of the Art Basel Miami event, which made the town the crossroads of the world art market during winter, Miami was able to attract the world of fashion, akin to the art world. In a few years, a Fashion and Design District has developed outside of mega malls. Today the Miami Design District hosts stores and boutiques of:

  • Hermès,
  • Dior (the largest flagship store in the United States),
  • Louis Vuitton,
  • Lanvin,
  • Marni,
  • Marc Jacobs,
  • Rick Owens,
  • Cartier,
  • Céline,
  • Givenchy,
  • Loewe,
  • Tom Ford.

While the town is stealing the show in New York and European and South American brands have chosen to land first in Miami than in other North American cities, even emerging realities such as Pineapple Clothing bring their contribution to sales of fashion items in Florida.

Candy Valentino

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