ELI B. Italian brand in USA

Interview with Renee Cosette Pedersen, promoting Italian fashion in USA

Renee Cosette Pedersen has recently started the collaboration with the Italian fashion brand ELI. B which became famous in Italy thanks to the collection of clothes inspired by the 50s fashion. In this interview we find out how the collaboration was born and how it will be possible to discover the clothes of the ELI. B brand in America.

How the collaboration between you and the Italian fashion brand ELI. B began?

bringing Italian fashion in USA

«ELI. B and I met through a mutual friend on social media; Federico Paris, is a brilliant artist that I had just signed to represent for my new art gallery @aidacontemporary and just so happened to come from the same city as ELI in Viterbo, Italy. Long story short- I was scrolling through Federico feed one day and saw a photo of a dress he painted at Eli. B fashion show during Paris fashion week.

Luckily, little did I know just weeks before the great global pandemic under the most peculiar circumstance I would meet ELI. B and a whole new world opened up to me that would benefit our business to partner up.

We are in the beginning stages still planning and setting up all the logistics of how we’re going to work with each other long term but in short and we’ve officially launched ELI. B USA on July 4th 2020. I’ve hosted a lil pop up event/party inviting stylist bloggers, buyers and people I’ve worked with in the high fashion sales industry here in Houston. I showed all guests the showroom first and then afterward walked to my apt to host a lil release party on the rooftop of my apartment building».

Renee, what struck you about the style of ELI. B’s creations the first time you saw them?

a dress of Italian fashion brand ELI B.

«I was so impressed to see the brand collaborated with this brilliant designer and fell in love with its aesthetic and whole style of the collection. I already used to work in connection with high fashion luxury retail and I was doing a series of #artmeetsfashion pop up events here in Houston for years and fashion designers and boutiques were a very big part of my business early on. I think we will have a very strong creative partnership because me and Eli. B have the same belief system in life art fashion

Our goal is to start selling collection wholesale to small boutiques and to recruit ambassadors all over the world that will promote the brand the essence of the Eli. B woman».

ELI. B brand is inspired by 1950s fashion and the so-called Dolce Vita. Do you think there’s a fashion portrait of this style in the United States?

the success of Italian fashion in USA

«The old ways of doing business no longer apply -everything is online you have the power to do anything you want if you have a good work ethic and business relations with the right people. In the world of art and designates critical to maintain the right revelations and think out of the box how to get business now. I think Eli. B and I will flourish because timeless fashion and art never goes out of style. Eli. B is bringing that femeinine beauty with a contemporary pop twist that will suit all types of everyday women and make them feel beautiful. Eli. B is more than a brand and clothes it’s a lifestyle».

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