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Discover Italy during the summer: my suggestion for your tour of Apulia

Are you thinking to discover Italy during summer, begging with a tour of the Apulia region? And have you done the classic web searches? “What to visit in Apulia” and so on? You’ll probably find references to many renowned seaside resorts and also to splendid towns of great fame. If, on the other hand, you are in the capital town of this region and you have wondered specifically what to see in the surroundings of Bari, read this article. Conversano in Apulia is full of art and offers many chances for sea lovers and also for good walks in the countryside. Above all, you will enjoy the good food of the region. You may be wondering where Conversano is! Well, this beautiful town is about 6nl from Bari and about 3nl from the famous Polignano a Mare.

Conversano: don’t miss it on your tour of Apulia

If you choose the Borgo di Conversano for your summer in Apulia you’ll have the opportunity to do:

  • historical/cultural guided tours,
  • food&wine workshops and cooking classes to find out how to make orecchiette pasta and how to prepare Italian cherry jam;
  • immersive experiences in the beautiful landscape of Conversano area, rich in cherry, olive, almond, and walnut trees;
  • lunches, dinners, and tastings of typical products at renowned farms, restaurants, and companies.

During my tour of the area, I stayed at the D’Aragona Hotel & SPA, a comfortable 4-star hotel. It is located in a strategic point for holidays in Apulia.

Art tour in Apulia: what to see around Bari town

If you are oriented to spend part of your summer in Apulia to discover Italy through the historical and cultural beauties of the area, I give you a couple of tips. The first is a tour of the noble palaces to discover the protagonists and the works that, during the Golden Age, allowed the town to host the new artistic creative exuberance. For a guided tour, the best is to go with the Armida Cooperative guides. You can admire windows, doors, balconies, alleys, views, and suggestive corners of the historic center. Don’t miss the Paolo Finoglio Picture Gallery with its Gerusalemme Liberata’s ten large canvases.

Take some time for a visit of Bari as well. Walk the characteristic streets of the center and visit the millenary churches, the Castle, and the noble palaces.

Alternatively, you can stop in Polignano a Mare to admire the enchanting view of the coast and the statue of the Italian songwriter Domenico Modugno.

Cooking classes: how to make orecchiette and how to make Italian cherry jam

Those who want to test themselves with the local cuisine can follow a practical cooking class to find out how to make orecchiette, the typical Apulian fresh pasta. Contact the Dire Fare Gustare Association and you could also taste the products of the local food&wine tradition at Masseria San Pietro.

Alternatively, you can opt for a lesson on olive oil varieties by the Cooperativa del Frantoio Sociale.

Finally, you can also book a cooking class managed by Conversano Pro Loco, to learn how to make traditional cherry jam, from cleaning the fruits to preserving the jam:

  • removal of the peduncle;
  • pitting with the ancient hook system or with the modern system;
  • cooking the cherry and sugar mixture over a flame.

Apulian tours to discover nature

Those who are curious to see where and how the raw materials processed in the kitchen grow, can choose from the many walks in nature. The Polyxena Association offers many activities in the countryside aimed at learning about the numerous naturalistic features of the area. You can admire, among the dry stone walls, the secular trees of walnut, almonds, olive trees, and cherry trees. You can play “hunting butterflies” without damaging them, thanks to the expert guides of the Association. Moreover, you can explore the Montepaolo area and Vignola Lake.

Taste the typical Apulian cuisine

The restaurants and farms where to eat in Apulia and in particular in the Municipality of Conversano, for a food and wine enthusiast like me, deserve a separate post. I plan to tell you more about at least two really excellent restaurants! In the meantime, I will list the best ones:

    • Vita Pugliese Restaurant,

    • Savì Creperia,

    • Verso Restaurant,

    • Agriturismo Casina dei Preti,

    • Pashà restaurant,

    • Cozze Nere restaurant in Polignano a Mare.

Candy Valentino

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