how to make a supplì

How to make a supplì: find it out in Rome

Enjoy pizza and fried foods typical of the Roman tradition and learn how to make a supplì in one of the best laboratories in the Eternal City. This is the experience I had the chance to make at the new (third) headquarters of La Casa del Supplì in Rome, in Viale Furio Camillo.

For over 40 years this company has reconfirmed its success, after having “conquered” the Romans at the shops in Trastevere and Piazza Re di Roma.

The recipes are still the same but the working methods are increasingly advanced and particularly attentive to the safety of workers in the laboratory.

The production manager Venanzo Sisini together with Antonio Paduano, research and development officer, and Vincenzo Bonanno, contact person for bakery and pizza, have combined their skills in the launch of this new store, intending to always research and offer a high-quality product.

Making good supplì and much more

how to make a supplì in Rome

Alongside the round or sliced pizza, stuffed calzones, yellow dough donut, and crispy potatoes, the supplì is the star of the menu, in the recipes created by the laboratory’s experts:

  • classic supplì,
  • meat sauce supplì,
  • supplì filled with bucatini alla carbonara,
  • amatriciana supplì,
  • pea and mushroom supplì,
  • cheese and pepper supplì.

Seasonal versions vary according to the availability of the typical ingredients of each period of the year. Among the new entries, I’d like to point out the next “sweet” arrival, that is the chocolate supplì.

How to make a supplì: the secrets of a Roman laboratory

Modern technological systems and excellent raw materials are the key ingredients of a winning “recipe”, which allowed Casa del Supplì to have a line of customers already during the opening day of the new restaurant in Viale Furio Camillo. During my guided tour with tasting in the laboratory, I could see and experience how the preparation and conservation process of all the products takes place, to ensure maximum freshness to the customers. At the moment of tasting, I could not help but appreciate the light and crunchy frying and the tasty filling.

Recipe of the traditional rice supplì

The name of this fried food derives from the French “surprise” and the surprise it refers to is the heart of stringy cheese. The most plausible theory is that it was born in 1809 with the arrival of French troops in Rome. It appeared for the first time on Trattoria Della Lepre’s menu in the nineteenth century, while the first official publication of the recipe was in 1929 in “La cucina romana” by Ada Boni.

How to make supplì’s meat sauce and which rice to use for traditional supplì? The main ingredients of La Casa del Supplì’s recipe are chicken giblets and mozzarella. The result is a soft and juicy product. The perfect ingredients, therefore, are:

• the Sant’Andrea monocultivar rice,

• the organic tomato from La Torrente,

• the mozzarella from Agerola dei Monti Lattari.

Candy Valentino

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