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Best cocktail bars in Rome: The Court in the Top 500

Are you looking for the best cocktail bars in Rome? Do you remember when I interviewed Matteo Zed and told you about his encyclopedic book on bitter? In the Italian Capital, about a year ago, this mixology expert took over the leadership of the new cocktail bar inside the elegant Palazzo Manfredi. This hotel with breathtaking views of the Colosseum has attracted locals and tourists alike thanks to its innovative and quality drink offer.

The excellent menu, combined with the prestigious location, has ensured that The Court has recently earned its position among the top 100 bars of 2020 within the Top 500 Bars ranking. If you are unfamiliar with this ranking, know that it’s drawn up thanks to the cross-analysis of numerous reviews in different languages, from users of various nationalities. Among influencers, bloggers, and journalists (without considering who, like myself, represents all three categories :-)) a reliable evaluation emerges on the best bars in Rome and also in the main towns of the world.

How to become one of the best cocktail bars in Rome

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Matteo Zed

The internationally renowned bartender Matteo Zed and his staff, together with all the management of Palazzo Manfredi, were certainly enthusiastic about the 71st place achieved in such a short time and in a town like Rome, so full of offers.

The good news couldn’t have come at a better time, in support of the commitment shown by the mixing and contemporary drinking experts involved in the launch of this venue. In fact, if the Eternal City and the restaurant activities suffer tremendously from the effects of the spread of COVID-19, quality is, once again, what rewards even in the most critical situations.

The Court hasn’t renounced the level and standard that have characterized the Bar Program since its inception. In addition to this cocktail bar, only 8 other Italian clubs are mentioned in the exclusive Top 500 Bars 2020 ranking.

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