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One of the Gyllen Watches for woman

Gyllen Watches is a new, elegant and sophisticated luxury brand made in Sweden. This company produces and sells online a fantastic collection of watches, all dedicated exclusively to women. In Swedish, “gyllen” means “golden” and that’s exactly what this Swedish brand wants to take inspiration from. Their motto is “time flies but memories last forever”. […]

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Una maglietta personalizzata col nome del brand Pineapple Clothing

Pineapple Clothing store is an American company born in Miami that sells clothing made in the USA through e-commerce. Shopping US made clothing lately isn’t that easy. Strolling through the main streets of big American towns, you’ll probably find two types of offer: expensive high-fashion imported clothes and low-cost items made in China. American clothing […]

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A shot of China Fashion week 2019 edition

14-17 January in Hong Kong is taking place China fashion week 2019. Even if you are a fashion addict maybe you wouldn’t imagine that 1,400 exhibitors from all over the world join this fashion show in Asia. The Hong Kong Fashion Week 2019 for Fall/Winter is becoming an important meeting point for the fashion industry. […]

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red color is a must for christmas fashion

Pay attention to this: as soon as we approach the Christmas time, the percentage of colors that surround us tends towards the shades of red. Is it because the several “Santa Claus” that appear on the windows of shops and malls wear the classic red suit? Is it because of the traditional balls that adorn […]

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